Commonwealth Bank is 100 years old and hit the ground running with a general savings and banking business. From there, they gradually grew into a company with over 18 million customers, 52,000 employees, and more than 800,000 shareholders across Australia. They hold a prestigious place in the Global 100 for their attention to their environmental, social, and governance practices.

Today, Commonwealth Bank provides a massive variety of services aimed at individuals and businesses, with special services for children, teens, and young adults. They also have specialized services for retirees over the age of 55 and can help people moving to Australia get their banking needs set up prior to arrival.

Commonwealth Bank Statement Template

Your statement from Commonwealth Bank contains several sections on at least two pages. The first page has your personal information, account info, and statement period (date range). You also get your account overview at a glance, which contains opening balances, account activity (deposits, withdrawals, payments, and other transactions), and closing balances. You can see the statement period, or date range, on the left-hand side of page one as well.

Page two contains every individual transaction and all individual items of your account’s activity. You’ll see credits and debits from your deposit accounts as well as payments, interest charges, late fees, and more on credit and loan statements.

You can also view up to seven years’ worth of statements. To access them on a computer, log into your account on NetBank and click on Choose Accounts. Pick the account you want and click on View Statement, then click on the statement you want to view.

To do so in the mobile app, log into your app account and tap on View Accounts. You’ll get taken to your list of accounts. Tap on the relevant account, then View Statements, and select the statement you want to see. Tap share, and then log off. , then View Statements, and select the statement you want to see. Tap share, and then log off.

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