Fidelity Investments has been in business assisting people with investing for over 75 years. The firm now serves more than 40 million people with their financial goals. Fidelity also provides employee benefits programs for 23,000 businesses across the country. The firm employed 41,329 people in 2021. Trillions of dollars of assets are managed by Fidelity Investments.

Fidelity is not a traditional bank, allowing them flexibility in investment opportunities not present in a bank. The company has offices in nine countries outside the United States and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Fidelity has more than 200 Investor Centers in the United States alone.

Fidelity offers a wide range of services. These services include mutual funds, index funds, life insurance, retirement services, and wealth management.

Fidelity Bank Statement Template

Finding your Fidelity bank statement is simple. On Fidelity’s website, hover over the “Accounts & Trade” tab and click “Statements” from the drop-down menu. Fidelity offers several different statements. These include monthly and quarterly statements, year-end investment reports, tax forms, and account records. These statements are all available to be read through a PDF file.

A quarterly or monthly statement provides plenty of information for the user. Users can see the change in the portfolio value for both the statement period and the year-to-date amount as well.

A portfolio summary is also available, illustrating the change in each account type, such as investments or personal retirement. In addition, the portfolio summary provides data on the distribution of investments between stocks and bonds.

Further down the statement, investors can find a more detailed examination of all their investments. For example, you can see the change in each stock in the portfolio and tax information. Moreover, the report estimates the annual income from each holding. Notably, the statements also include pie charts for a more visual look at a portfolio.

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