With over 600 branches and 5 million members across 22 states, First Citizens Bank is a dependable institution with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

First Citizens Bank is currently the 13th largest retail bank in the United States. Their owning company, First Citizens BancShares, has assets of more than $100 billion and are family-owned, making them one of the largest family-owned companies in the US.

First Citizens Bank offers members a variety of services, including business banking, personal banking, investment services, insurance services, options to refinance your home, loan applications, and so much more. First Citizens Bank has been a dependable bank since 1898, but using the bank and requesting a statement has never been easier than it is today.

First Citizens Bank Statement Template

First Citizens Bank offers bank statements in both paper and digital form. The First Citizens Bank statement itself is quite self-explanatory. A Personal Financial Statement, for example, is split between three main sections: Personal Information; Annual Income and Expenditures for Year Ended; and Statement of Financial Conditions.

Members who want to access their bank statements digitally can do so via the bank website or the First Citizens Mobile Banking app. Members who would rather have their First Citizens Bank statements be on paper usually have two options. Members can request paper statements to be mailed when first opening their account, which can be changed at almost any time. Members may also visit their local branches in-person to receive a printed statement.

First Citizens Bank’s Digital Banking system is highly efficient and designed for maximum accessibility. Unfortunately, an error sometimes occurs when people try to view their digital statements on computers. If you’ve attempted to view your paperless First Citizens bank statement but it did not work, double-check your browser’s pop-up settings. Some browsers’ pop-up blockers prevent your statement from being viewed.

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