Go2Bank has served 33 million customers with their easy-to-operate mobile banking accounts, all within the 22 years from when they first started. With 90 thousand retail deposit locations, Go2bank continues to help loyal customers with simple and easy mobile banking. The company offers competitive rates and services compared to other financial institutions, so it is becoming increasingly popular among consumers of all ages.

Direct deposits, mobile checks bank statements, and virtual credit cards are available through the app once you sign up with Go2Bank, making spending and saving money as easy as possible. They make your life easier and better with their helpful and intuitive online and in-person banking options. You can deposit cash at a local retailer, use free nationwide ATM networks, and send virtual checks to make payments.

Go2Bank Bank Statement Template

To receive a statement from Go2Bank, you’ll need to log in and access your account, locate the main menu, and select the tab “Document Center.” There you will be able to find your account statements. It’s a simple process that only takes a minute, and you can access your information at any time.

Go2Bank provides a much easier and quicker way to access go2bank bank statements because it is virtual instead of shipping them off in the mail. Virtual statements are also better for the environment because they reduce waste. You can print your statement if necessary, though.

Once viewing your Go2Bank bank statement, you’ll find a record of your transactions for specific periods. If there is a scenario where false transactions appear, it is likely because the merchant goes under a different name than you believe. However, if you do your research and still don’t recognize the transaction, you can call Go2Bank and file a dispute. Customers can always reach out to the bank online or over the phone for assistance with their accounts.

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