Heritage Bank is among the oldest banks in Australia. Founded in 1875, they’re not an investment-owned bank; they’re one of many of Australia’s customer-owned banks. When you open an account there, you own a share in Heritage Bank, and they actively encourage you to participate in annual meetings and other things ordinarily reserved for investors and corporate boards.

Even though their customers own them, they provide traditional banking services like consumer banking, loans, insurance, and credit cards. They also provide term deposits, which are deposits with a fixed interest rate and holding times of one month to five years.

Moreover, they offer banking for kids and even Christmas savings accounts that help you with the holiday season. They lock that account between February 1 and October 31 of each year. You can deposit money during that time but not withdraw it.

Heritage Bank Statement Template

Heritage Bank’s statements are somewhat different from other banks’ statements. With Heritage, you can download and view your transactions like most other banks with online banking services. However, to view a full statement, including account information and balances, you need to know your bank state branch, or BSB. Once you have that info, you can access bank and credit card statements.

However, you can access and download transaction history for all your accounts. To do so, go to Search and choose either Basic or Advanced Search. With a Basic search, you can filter your transactions by their date range. With an Advanced search, you can use keywords, minimum and maximum transaction amounts, and other filters to find what you’re looking for. You can also see your opening and closing balances and account activity on your computer. Depending on what mobile device and software you have, you may or may not be able to see that same information via Heritage’s app.

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