Started in Australia in 1965, HSBC Australia serves 64 countries and territories around the world. As a subsidiary of the British investment bank, HSBC Holdings, HSBC Australia is based in Sydney, Australia, and has a customer base of over 40 million globally. Of the many services and features this bank has to offer, bank accounts, loans, and investments are a few of their most prominent. Bank accounts under HSBC Australia range from transaction, savings, and foreign exchange.

A range of credit cards is also available. Flexible home loan services cater to homeowners and investors alike. Investors can also benefit from services in online share trading, exchange-traded funds, managed funds, bond investments, and foreign exchange term deposits through this bank. International services are also available to benefit those who plan to move to Australia or are looking to invest or move overseas.

HSBC Australia Bank Statement Template

Once an account is established with HSBC Australia Bank, statements can be accessed through paper copy or digitally. A PDF of the historical statement is always accessible by entering the account and clicking “Manage.” Paper copies can be received by request. Call the bank to get a physical copy of a statement.

For extended statement benefits, eStatements reduces paper waste and allows instant access the moment the statement is ready. This option also shows up to seven years of statements online. This includes access to online banking and credit card statements. At any time, customers can decide to transition from paper to eStatements and opt to receive email attachments along with the statement. Statements include an itemized list of all charges made, including the balance total after each charge. There is an account summary on the front page that gives insight into the opening and closing balances, as well as overdraft limits.

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