HSBC is one of the world’s most prominent financial institutions with over 40 Million clients worldwide. They offer services such as Personal, Commercial, and Global Banking in 64 countries around the globe. Like their services, their stocks can be found in the North American stock exchanges over to Hong Kong, helping them boast close to 200,000 shareholders in more than 130 countries.

Since its founding in 1865, HSBC has made it its mission to connect its clients to a wider variety of opportunities and actively make a difference in the communities that it has a footing in. With 92.7% of banking transactions being digitized from COVID, HSBC has been adamant about switching over to provide quicker customer service.

HSBC Bank Statement Template

You have the option to get an online, mobile, or credit statement. To view your online statements, simply log into your account before selecting the statements under the documents section listed in the menu. Your statement will be available to share, print, or download. The same works with Mobile, with you only needing to select your statements right from your profile page.

Your credit statement is now available online and will show you the applicable interest rates and the date you will be able to pay. You can access your credit statement both mobile and online. Your bank statement won’t differ very much in terms of formatting. Here, you’ll be able to view the opening balance on an account and how much you have withdrawn and deposited over the time of your account being opened. You will also have your account information listed with each statement, as well as the international bank account number and the branch identifier code. This can help specify which branch of the bank you are using.

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