Lili Bank has accumulated over 200,000 customers since it started in January 2020. That impressive following that grew in such a short period is a testament to all the perks it offers its customers. It is a popular alternative to older, more traditional banking institutions and is becoming very well-known.

On top of normal online banking with mobile deposits, Lili Bank offers multiple advances, such as connecting your account to other money transferring apps, like Venmo. You can also put different expenses in categories so you know how much to spend and what to spend it on.

You can also estimate your tax savings with Lili Bank and use your own personal Lili business debit cards that are attached to Visa. It allows you to use ATMs that offer Visa and not pay a cent for withdrawals or deposits.

Lili Bank Statement Template

You can receive your transaction statement for your checking account from Lili Bank by accessing the Lili app. After signing in, you’ll need to click the menu and find the section named “Statement &  Reports.” There you will find your transactions and your monthly Lili Bank statement. Lili Bank allows you to download it to save on your computer or mobile device or share it to send to a joint account owner or financial advisor.

Another feature Lili Bank offers is a Tax Bucket, an application that automatically separates money from your account to use for your taxes. In the same section as “Statements & Reports,” you can check your statement for your tax bucket when you sign up with Lili Bank. This feature tells you how much more you need to accumulate and how much you have currently saved up. It’s a convenient tool for tax season and is exclusive to this financial institution.

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