Unlike a standard banking institution, PayPal is a financial technology company working solely online as a digital alternative to in-person, paper banking. Customers connect their bank accounts with the service in order to make payments or transfer money to others without sharing sensitive bank account and/or card information to a large number of vendors.

The online platform operates more as an online payment system than a traditional bank. Still, it has extended its reach in recent years to provide customers with more than only money transfers. Paypal offers customers online money transfers, virtual credit cards, personal and business accounts, invoicing, debit and prepaid cards, cash checks, and activity tracking.

Next to Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express, Paypal is the fifth most accepted payment form accepted both digitally and in-person — via their convenient mobile app or prepaid cards.

PayPal Bank Statement Template

Since Paypal is only available online, you cannot go into a physical store to request a statement in-person. However, you can request either your transaction activity or monthly Paypal statement conveniently on the website or mobile app.

First, you will need to navigate to your activity page. Then, you can click on statements and choose the custom option. Once the form populates, you can input your info, date range, transaction type, and desired download format.

Depending on your computer and file size, download speeds can vary, but you’re free to open it as soon as you want once the download is complete.

You can also choose “standard” instead of “custom” from the statements page to download your monthly Paypal statement. From there, you can filter through which year you need to access for your statement and choose the month you want. Then, you can click download to access the monthly statement promptly. If you have any issues accessing your Paypal statement or something doesn’t look right, you can always contact a Paypal representative for further assistance

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