Revolut Bank is a large, $33 billion company that offers both banking and trading services. This London-based company recently reached 8 million customers as of December 2019, quickly expanding from just 1.5 million a year prior. Revolut Bank currently has the highest market share of online banking customers in Europe. It’s an entirely online bank which means all banking services are done using a mobile device.

Revolut Bank is aimed at helping customers reach their financial goals faster with competitive APY rates and access to a user-friendly mobile app. The bank offers a series of other tools that benefit personal and business customers, including money transfers, team cards, and bank cards that are multi-currency.

They are also a leader in international payments and business transactions with great exchange rates in over 30 currencies. Revolut Bank also has tools for managing cryptocurrency.

Revolut Bank Statement Template

Reviewing or downloading a bank statement with Revolut Bank is simple. Revolut customers can view their bank statement online by logging into their account and then clicking the Accounts Tab located on the home screen.

From here, click on “Account Selector” in the dropdown menu. Choose the currency account statement you want to view. Press the “…” to see more options. Click “Statement.”

Further narrow down your bank statement by date range. Choose the start and end date of the bank transactions you want to view. Then, you can specify the bank statement file format by clicking either “PDF” or “Excel.”

Then, click “Generate” to view your account history. If you want to save this information, click the “Export” button in the top-right corner. Exporting a bank statement from Revolut Bank is only available in PDF form.

If this process doesn’t work for you, and you’re unable to access your Revolut bank statement, you can submit a support ticket online.

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