Suncorp may have started as a small regional bank providing loans to rural communities back in 1902, but it has ballooned into one of the largest mid-size banks in Australia.

Through the years, Suncorp has merged with other banks such as Metway and Promina Group to become a financial juggernaut. The company’s mission is focused on “building futures and protecting what matters” through insurance, banking, and wealth management needs.

These days, Suncorp provides many of the same services traditional banks offer. From internet banking to stocks and insurance, Suncorp wants to ensure customers don’t need to go anywhere else when it comes to their money.

Boasting billions in assets and over 9 million customers across Australia and New Zealand, Suncorp may be just the bank you need.

Suncorp Bank Statement Template

Finding your Suncorp Bank Statement is a fairly simple process and can be done through the bank’s website or mobile app. You can also access these bank statements to download and save them as PDFs if you’re the analog type.

We’ll go through both here.

If you’re on the bank’s website, consider these steps:

  • Log into the Suncorp Internet Banking website.
  • Click the menu on the left-hand side.
  • Select “eStatements” from the menu.

If you’re using the bank’s mobile app, consider these steps:

  • Log into the Suncorp App.
  • Locate and select an account.
  • In your account, select “eStatements”.

Suncorp has made accessing your bank statements easy! With the ability to view your bank statements on their app or website, Suncorp has created multiple ways to help customers access this vital information and save it for the future.

However, Suncorp stresses that these eStatements are only accessible as far back as July 2013. If you need to go any further back, you may need to give Suncorp a call for more information.

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