Sutton Bank is an Ohio banking institution that’s been around since 1878, which means it’s survived the Great Depression, multiple world wars, and highly variable economic states. Sutton bank specializes in small businesses and farmers by providing eight full-service branches in a four-county area.

With several business and agriculture loan options such as commercial real estate loans, equipment loans, and livestock loans, Sutton bank serves their local community. The bank also offers digital banking and free Kasasa checking accounts, which require no minimum account balances, offer cashback options, and provide e-statements for free.

Sutton Bank Statement Template

Customers can view Sutton Bank’s free e-statements, including a standard bank statement, by using Sutton Bank’s digital banking services. Customers can also visit a physical branch location to request a current bank statement. However, given that e-statements are free, downloadable, and printable, most choose to use Sutton Bank’s digital banking option for its convenience.

To view a bank statement at Sutton Bank, customers can log in to their digital banking account by visiting Sutton Bank’s homepage. Once customers log in, they’ll see a list of their accounts with current balances. By clicking into an account, customers can view a detailed transaction history. Above the transaction history are tabs, including one for “Documents.”

By selecting the “Documents” tab, customers can download e-statements related to that account, including a bank statement. Once they download the e-statement, customers can print from the downloads file on their computer. Sutton Bank provides an easy-to-follow video explaining this process, as well as the rest of their digital banking services. The downloaded statement will include the customer’s name, address, account number, a list of recent transactions, opening balance, and closing balance. It will also show a phone number that customers can call should they have any questions or concerns.

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