TD Bank, which stands for Toronto-Dominion Bank, is a Canadian-based bank that serves over 6.5 million people with over 1,200 branches in Canada and the United States.

The bank got its start over 150 years ago when it first opened its door in Maine in 1852. The bank grew as Peoples Heritage Bank before taking the name Banknorth. At the same time, a financial institution called Commerce Bank was growing on the east coast.

Long story short, the TD Bank Group bought out Banknorth, and the group later acquired Commerce Bank. At this point, the bank rebranded and became the TD Bank that’s recognized across the country today.

TD Bank is known as America’s Most Convenient Bank and focuses its efforts on customer service in order to make banking easy up and down the east coast. The entity offers many personal and business banking services, like checking accounts, credit cards, savings, home equity, personal loans, and more.

TD makes digital banking easy, and it also offers investing services.

TD Bank Statement Template

Unlike many other banks, which only give you free and easy access to up to two years of past bank statements, you can access up to seven years of TD Bank statements – and TD makes it easy to do so.

To access your statements, log in to the EasyWeb feature that TD offers. Once you’re on your account dashboard, click on “Statements & Documents” on the left-hand side. This page will show you your most recent statements first, but you can get your statements by account as well. You may also refine your search by date, which can make it easier to narrow down your search. Select the statement to open it on your computer. From here, you can save and print your statement as needed.