Wells Fargo is a prominent financial services company in the United States, although it also serves some global markets. The bank has 69 million customers, reaching one in three American households and 10% of U.S.-based small businesses. Wells Fargo also boasts 26.8 million of its customers regularly use its mobile banking services.

As a financial services company, Wells Fargo offers a wealth of services. These include checking and savings accounts, mortgages, credit and debit cards, and investment products. Wells Fargo also offers home equity and auto loans and small business finance options. The company’s headquarters are in San Francisco.

Wells Fargo Bank Statement Template

You can view your Wells Fargo bank statement online or receive a paper copy in the mail. Some people choose to do both, but the bank lets you update and choose your delivery preferences. Whether you view your Wells Fargo bank statement online or on paper, they will look identical.

The top of the statement will have a summary of your balance and the statement period. If it’s a credit card or mortgage statement, the summary section will also have the due date and the amount you owe. Below the summary, you’ll see a list of transactions. This may include previous payments, deposits, and outgoing transactions for cashed checks or online bill payments. You can view your statements by signing in and going to the account summary section From the mobile app or online web portal. You can then click on the account name you want to view. Individuals can choose the time period they want to see and then go through individual transactions within either the app or web browser. You also have the ability to download statements for certain months, or you can customize the time periods and different file formats.

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