Westpac Banking Group is one of Australia’s largest banks providing consumer, business, and investor services. They’re Australia’s original bank and one of four major banking systems in Australia. They first opened their doors in 1817 and went through several iterations over the next 200 years to become what they are today.

Westpac works with consumers and businesses that need accounts, credit cards, insurance, investments, etc. and provides services like transaction banking and help in the financial markets to corporations and industries. They also help you with financing major purchases like cars, property, and equipment and provide specialized services for trade and cash flow finance.

Westpac Bank Statement Template

Westpac recently changed the look of its personal banking statements so that you can see the most crucial information at a glance.

At the very top of the statement is your statement period, which you can change online to view more statements. The block just below the statement period contains your personal and account information, and the bottom block has your transaction information in the following order: Opening balance, total credits, total debits, and closing balance.

To view your Westpac bank statement, you need to go to their website and log in with your credentials. Once you’re in, go to Overview, and then click on Statements. Under Active Accounts, select the account from which you want to view statements. Enter the statement date or date range, or choose from pre-selected date ranges and click on Search. Then click on Download PDF and open it to view your statement. Westpac offers eStatements to help reduce paper waste and provide you with more security and convenience. You can get eStatements on your desktop and mobile devices, and the PDFs look the same as your paper statements do. You can sign up on your computer or your mobile device with just a few quick clicks.

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